Social Media Campaign: Ohio State Park Lodges

Social Media-based photo contests are a great way to raise brand awareness. Your customers become brand ambassadors who tell your story to their networks by simply sharing pictures of themselves enjoying a product or experience.

Brands with smaller budgets can also benefit from new image assets, which, with the proper release documents, can be used in future marketing efforts.

The most important factor in creating a social media contest is to thoroughly promote the contest and specific hashtag to past, future and current customers. Create emails to reach past and future guests, promote the contest on social channels and post signage to encourage interaction in real time.

I handle every aspect of a social media campaign from creating web pages and emails and printed collateral to posting on social media and monitoring photo submissions. Here is an example of a recent campaign for the Ohio State Park Lodges.



Printed collateral including flyers and sidewalk decals 


Web Page Creation


Social Media Posts 



This campaign resulted in 619 photo submissions. The website garnered about 9,000 unique visitors and we acquire 132 new email addresses from uploaded submissions.


Social Media Campaign: Veterans Day

#FreeBecause Veterans Day Campaign

The campaign combined a multi-brand sale with special prices for active and past military personnel and a photo sharing contest with a free trip giveaway for a veteran. collage

The contest received nearly 400 photo submissions. Bringing more 10,000 unique visitors to the website.

Marketing emails, Tweets, Facebook Posts and Instagram posts were deployed across 14 brands within the Xanterra Portfolio.

Social media posts using the hashtag #FreeBecause resulted in almost 250,000 impressions on Instagram and Twitter.




With a total of 3,146 bookings, the total revenue for the promotion was $3.6M.

VET graph

$2.5M is attributed to Veterans Day Sale bookings.

$758K was generated from promotional emails to non-Veterans Day purchases

$358K was generated from cross brand promotional emails.