Scrum Alliance Resource Library

Alongside a few marketing team members, I launched a content marketing strategy at Scrum Alliance, including a blog platform known as the Resource Library in 2020. Content Strategy Our Certified Coaches and Trainers are our subject matter experts in the agile community. In order to ensure the accuracy and credibility of our resource library content,Continue reading “Scrum Alliance Resource Library”

Lead Nurture Campaign

I generated over 2.3k leads from the Approaching Agility Webinar series and at least 1k more from resource library subscribers. To convert these interested contacts into paying customers, I created an email automation, lead nurture program within Hubspot. The Campaign In the first email, leads are able to “choose their own adventure” by selecting theirContinue reading “Lead Nurture Campaign”

Approaching Agility Webinar Series – Lead Generation

I overhauled the marketing strategy at Scrum Alliance, halting indiscriminate ad spending in favor of an organized lead generation strategy that focuses on providing value and education to potential members. In January of 2022, I launched a webinar series that provides entry-level agile education to potential new certificates. Results We hosted our second webinar inContinue reading “Approaching Agility Webinar Series – Lead Generation”

Sales Enablement Flyer -Long Term Care

This is a sales-enablement resource to help agents understand and opt into a newly established process for lead generation. I worked alongside the sales team to help articulate and streamline their messaging into a sharable document to help increase participation in the Leads Pilot Program. View Flyer. Results This leads pilot program, in addition toContinue reading “Sales Enablement Flyer -Long Term Care”

Content Strategy and Sales Alignment:

Positioning and Messaging Framework for Medicare Supplement Insurance This was an important exercise to align the sales and marketing teams at Transamerica. I hosted several brainstorm sessions with the product, sales and marketing team to discuss our target customer, customer needs, differentiating factors and key benefits of the Medicare Supplement Insurance product.  The elements belowContinue reading “Content Strategy and Sales Alignment:”

Blog Content for SEO

After examining the company’s Google Analytics, I determined that hundreds of website visitors reached via the search term “What is a Salon Studio”. I created a blog post with that title to help bring in top of funnel website traffic and help boost awareness of the Sola Salon Studio concept. Read blog post “What’sContinue reading “Blog Content for SEO”

Brand Partnership: Instagram Takeover

Sola partners with brands to provide special deals to their salon studio owners. To promote a recent promotion with Amika I organized an Instagram takeover with the brand’s Global Artistic Director, Naeemah LaFond. First, we promoted the deal on Facebook and posted the following graphic across 150 local brand pages as well as the nationalContinue reading “Brand Partnership: Instagram Takeover”

Business Application Marketing

The company offers an all-in-one application to help with payment processing, scheduling, inventory and other essential functions to help customers run their own independent salon business. A lot of the functions that are taken care of in the traditional salon environment (receptionist, a manager to handle inventory, etc.) now fall onto the salon owner.  I Continue reading “Business Application Marketing”

Local Marketing: Coming Soon

In order to expedite fill time on new locations, I began a program to launch targeted social ads in new markets about 3 months before our target open date. I targeted an 8-mile radius with interest targeting to reach beauty pros who work and live near our new locations. Results:  With a modest budget ofContinue reading “Local Marketing: Coming Soon”