Lead Nurture Campaign

I generated over 2.3k leads from the Approaching Agility Webinar series and at least 1k more from resource library subscribers. To convert these interested contacts into paying customers, I created an email automation, lead nurture program within Hubspot.

The Campaign

In the first email, leads are able to “choose their own adventure” by selecting their area of interest from the following:

  • Product Owner Resources
  • Scrum Master Resources
  • Career Resources
  • A quiz to help them determine their rotation new agile role.

Email 1 of the Lead Nurture Campaign

Once they select their interest, leads receive eight email touches filled with curated content and authored by Scrum Alliance trainers and coaches.


Email performance exceeded expectations for this campaign with incredible open and click rates.

  • A click rate of 15.56% compared to the industry standard of 7.8%. Source 
  • An open rate of 52.8% compared to the industry standard of 20%.

This tells us that the information provided in these emails was not only welcomed but enjoyed by our prospective customers.


We also noticed that 11% of people enrolled in our lead nurture campaign go on to obtain a certification resulting in a 20% increase in new certifications year-over-year.


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