Scrum Alliance Resource Library

Alongside a few marketing team members, I launched a content marketing strategy at Scrum Alliance, including a blog platform known as the Resource Library in 2020. Content Strategy Our Certified Coaches and Trainers are our subject matter experts in the agile community. In order to ensure the accuracy and credibility of our resource library content,Continue reading “Scrum Alliance Resource Library”

Lead Nurture Campaign

I generated over 2.3k leads from the Approaching Agility Webinar series and at least 1k more from resource library subscribers. To convert these interested contacts into paying customers, I created an email automation, lead nurture program within Hubspot. The Campaign In the first email, leads are able to “choose their own adventure” by selecting theirContinue reading “Lead Nurture Campaign”

Approaching Agility Webinar Series – Lead Generation

I overhauled the marketing strategy at Scrum Alliance, halting indiscriminate ad spending in favor of an organized lead generation strategy that focuses on providing value and education to potential members. In January of 2022, I launched a webinar series that provides entry-level agile education to potential new certificates. Results We hosted our second webinar inContinue reading “Approaching Agility Webinar Series – Lead Generation”

Career Center Scratch-Off Card

Printed Collateral for Conferences and Networking Events Problem: We need to drive traffic to the newly updated Career Center website and would like to promote this at various face-to-face events throughout the year. However, the typical MGMA conferences attendee is not the same audience as our target demographic for the MGMA Career Center. Solution: Create a pieceContinue reading “Career Center Scratch-Off Card”