Scrum Alliance Resource Library

Alongside a few marketing team members, I launched a content marketing strategy at Scrum Alliance, including a blog platform known as the Resource Library in 2020. Content Strategy Our Certified Coaches and Trainers are our subject matter experts in the agile community. In order to ensure the accuracy and credibility of our resource library content,Continue reading “Scrum Alliance Resource Library”

Blog Content for SEO

After examining the company’s Google Analytics, I determined that hundreds of website visitors reached via the search term “What is a Salon Studio”. I created a blog post with that title to help bring in top of funnel website traffic and help boost awareness of the Sola Salon Studio concept. Read blog post “What’sContinue reading “Blog Content for SEO”

Bridging the Communication Divide: Ebook for Twilio

Twilio worked with a market research company to examine how businesses communicate with customers and conversely, how customers would prefer to communicate with businesses. I wrote this ebook using their research data to communicate their findings and makes a case for a more integrated communication strategy with Twilio. View ebook