Content Strategy and Sales Alignment:

Positioning and Messaging Framework for Medicare Supplement Insurance

This was an important exercise to align the sales and marketing teams at Transamerica. I hosted several brainstorm sessions with the product, sales and marketing team to discuss our target customer, customer needs, differentiating factors and key benefits of the Medicare Supplement Insurance product.  The elements below are the company’s combined understanding of what Transamerica brings to the marketplace for this product line. This document will serve as a resource for sales and marketing to consult prior to creating any new marketing collateral.

View the Medicare Supplement Positioning and Messaging Framework Document

Blog Content for SEO

After examining the company’s Google Analytics, I determined that hundreds of website visitors reached via the search term “What is a Salon Studio”. I created a blog post with that title to help bring in top of funnel website traffic and help boost awareness of the Sola Salon Studio concept.

Read blog post “What’s a Salon Studio Anyway


This blog post is is still the most visited pieces of content on the website more than a year after it was posted.

Brand Partnership: Instagram Takeover

Sola partners with brands to provide special deals to their salon studio owners. To promote a recent promotion with Amika I organized an Instagram takeover with the brand’s Global Artistic Director, Naeemah LaFond.

First, we promoted the deal on Facebook and posted the following graphic across 150 local brand pages as well as the national Sola accounts.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 1.55.42 PM

Then we created an image to announce the takeover and posted one version to our Instagram account and shared the other image with Naeemah. (She shared hers in her story).

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 12.57.50 PM



Over 600 people tune into our takeover, which was the most watched Instagram story to date.

The Amika deal was also the most utilized to date.




Business Application Marketing

The company offers an all-in-one application to help with payment processing, scheduling, inventory and other essential functions to help customers run their own independent salon business.

A lot of the functions that are taken care of in the traditional salon environment (receptionist, a manager to handle inventory, etc.) now fall onto the salon owner.  I  created this social campaign to highlight the features of the ap that can take some of the work off of the beauty pros shoulders and allow them to focus on their craft.






Local Marketing: Coming Soon

In order to expedite fill time on new locations, I began a program to launch targeted social ads in new markets about 3 months before our target open date.

I targeted an 8-mile radius with interest targeting to reach beauty pros who work and live near our new locations.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 1.14.13 PMScreen Shot 2018-08-21 at 12.19.51 PM


With a modest budget of only about $100 per location, we saw a 50% increase in lead forms and tours for these locations.

Email Win-Back Campaign

From a list of over 60k leads, at least 30k of them had not interacted with our email campaigns in the last three months. In an effort to clean up our contact list and re-engage potential leads, I implemented a win-back email providing an exclusive offer only to those who had not opened any of our emails in the past three months.


By changing up our communication method and offering a complimentary sample of exclusive education, I was able to re-engage 14% of our inactive subscribers.
We offered our leads special, one-time only access to an exclusive webinar that’s only available to Sola beauty professionals. The intention was to provide a new value proposition to leads by providing a taste of the exclusive education opportunities that are available to Sola Professional.

Business Development Marketing Drip

MGMA offers various advertising option to our Business or Corporate members. Business members are software, product and service providers who market to the MGMA members. The following is a drip campaign encouraging business to advertise with us and become business members. The campaign highlights all of the available advertising options. (Click the links for a larger version of each email)

Email 1: Business membership

Subject Line: Gain exclusive access to medical practice leaders

BD membership

Email 2: List buys and email blasts

Subject Line: Reach the Right Decision maker every time

BD List Buy

Email 3: Webinar sponsorship

Subject Line: Position yourself as an industry expert

BD Webinar

Email 4: We advertising

Subject Line: Drive traffic with Web ads today!

BD Digital Ads

Email 5: Print Ads

Subject Line: Increase your exposure, advertise in MGMA Connection

BD print

Email 6: Trade show exhibiting

Subject Line: Make face-to-face connections with buyers

BD Conferences

Career Center resources campaign

A multi-channel campaign

I created emails, social media posts, digital and print ads.

Our target audience for MGMA is office managers and hospital administrators who often wear many hats in order to keep the office or clinic running smoothly. In addition to being a receptionist, medical coder, billing manager and accountant, they are also often tasked with recruitment duties. The new resources in the MGMA Career Center are designed to help our members– who are often not trained in HR management– master recruitment, and onboarding best practices so they can get back to their main job functions.

The objective to provide awareness. If members begin to view the MGMA Career Center as a resource for their recruitment knowledge, they will also utilize our job boards for their posting needs.

I worked with the Human Resources department to develop content for the Career Center. Including:

Here is the marketing creative:

Email 1

Subject Line: Find your next top achiever today


Email 2

Subject Line: We’ll do the tough recruiting work for you!


Email 3

Subject Line: Your next hire should fit like a glove


Run of Site advertisement 

1702_Carcent web image 300x125

Print advertisements for our in-house publication, MGMA Connection.

Print ad # 1 (March issue) Connection 1

Print ad # 2 (April issue) 

Connection 2

Print ad belly band (April issue)

image1 (1)

Social Media post 


Career Center Scratch-Off Card

Printed Collateral for Conferences and Networking Events

Problem: We need to drive traffic to the newly updated Career Center website and would like to promote this at various face-to-face events throughout the year. However, the typical MGMA conferences attendee is not the same audience as our target demographic for the MGMA Career Center.

Solution: Create a piece of collateral that would be intriguing enough for a conference attendee to bring back to their company recruitment or human resources manager. Something eye-catching and interactive:  a scratch ticket.

Two promotion codes are listed beneath the scratch material, either a free posting or a 20% off offer.

The promo codes are unique to this promotion so we can track the success of the campaign.