Brand Partnership: Instagram Takeover

Sola partners with brands to provide special deals to their salon studio owners. To promote a recent promotion with Amika I organized an Instagram takeover with the brand’s Global Artistic Director, Naeemah LaFond. First, we promoted the deal on Facebook and posted the following graphic across 150 local brand pages as well as the nationalContinue reading “Brand Partnership: Instagram Takeover”

Business Application Marketing

The company offers an all-in-one application to help with payment processing, scheduling, inventory and other essential functions to help customers run their own independent salon business. A lot of the functions that are taken care of in the traditional salon environment (receptionist, a manager to handle inventory, etc.) now fall onto the salon owner.  I Continue reading “Business Application Marketing”

Local Marketing: Coming Soon

In order to expedite fill time on new locations, I began a program to launch targeted social ads in new markets about 3 months before our target open date. I targeted an 8-mile radius with interest targeting to reach beauty pros who work and live near our new locations. Results:  With a modest budget ofContinue reading “Local Marketing: Coming Soon”

Local Marketing: Instagram Outreach Paired With Social Media Ads

As a Franchise Concept, the salon company provides training to local managers on marketing tactics, but each location is ultimately responsible for their own marketing efforts. After examining Occupancy reports for our 400+ locations we selected 6 struggling markets that could benefit from additional marketing support from the home office and implemented a new localContinue reading “Local Marketing: Instagram Outreach Paired With Social Media Ads”

Career Center resources campaign

A multi-channel campaign I created emails, social media posts, digital and print ads. Our target audience for MGMA is office managers and hospital administrators who often wear many hats in order to keep the office or clinic running smoothly. In addition to being a receptionist, medical coder, billing manager and accountant, they are also often tasked with recruitmentContinue reading “Career Center resources campaign”

Social Media Campaign: Ohio State Park Lodges

Social Media-based photo contests are a great way to raise brand awareness. Your customers become brand ambassadors who tell your story to their networks by simply sharing pictures of themselves enjoying a product or experience. Brands with smaller budgets can also benefit from new image assets, which, with the proper release documents, can be used inContinue reading “Social Media Campaign: Ohio State Park Lodges”

Social Media Campaign: Veterans Day

#FreeBecause Veterans Day Campaign The campaign combined a multi-brand sale with special prices for active and past military personnel and a photo sharing contest with a free trip giveaway for a veteran.  The contest received nearly 400 photo submissions. Bringing more 10,000 unique visitors to the website. Marketing emails, Tweets, Facebook Posts and Instagram posts were deployedContinue reading “Social Media Campaign: Veterans Day”