Scrum Alliance Resource Library

Alongside a few marketing team members, I launched a content marketing strategy at Scrum Alliance, including a blog platform known as the Resource Library in 2020.

Content Strategy

Our Certified Coaches and Trainers are our subject matter experts in the agile community. In order to ensure the accuracy and credibility of our resource library content, it was imperative that the content be written by these guides.

Using customer interviews, community and member-submitted questions, and SEO-related keyword research (with the help of SEM Rush), I devised a list of content prompt and went to work assigning articles to volunteer coaches and trainers. Alongside a team of content writers and graphic designers, we illustrated the articles, edited them for clarity, and optimized them for SEO.


  • With a new focus on content marketing, I slashed our digital advertising spending by 80% and maintained a year-over-year growth rate of 20% for new certifications.
  • We brought in thousands of new subscribers (leads) who are then funneled into our lead nurture program.
  • We recognized a spike in member retention with an increase in certification renewals from 20%-30%.
  • We noticed a huge improvement on our website’s SEO. (This can also be attributed to congruent site-wide technical SEO improvements led by myself and another marketer and implemented by the development team)
SEO improvements from 2021 to 2022
Average position

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