Nonprofit Newsletter

Biweekly newsletter for a not-for-profit, the Blind Institution of Technology. These emails are deployed in congruence with blog posts to encourage donations and share company updates. Through the blog, we nurture business to business relationships by thanking the companies who have partnered with the organization in funding, events or by hiring our Visually Impaired candidates. WeContinue reading “Nonprofit Newsletter”

Segmented Email Campaigns: Furnace Creek Resort

Segmented email content written to appeal to prospective guests (top) past guests who stayed with children (middle) and past guests who stayed without children (bottom). Each email is presenting the same offer but in a format that is tailored to the audience. Prospects Families Couples  

Social Media Campaign: Veterans Day

#FreeBecause Veterans Day Campaign The campaign combined a multi-brand sale with special prices for active and past military personnel and a photo sharing contest with a free trip giveaway for a veteran.  The contest received nearly 400 photo submissions. Bringing more 10,000 unique visitors to the website. Marketing emails, Tweets, Facebook Posts and Instagram posts were deployedContinue reading “Social Media Campaign: Veterans Day”