Business Development Marketing Drip

MGMA offers various advertising option to our Business or Corporate members. Business members are software, product and service providers who market to the MGMA members. The following is a drip campaign encouraging business to advertise with us and become business members. The campaign highlights all of the available advertising options. (Click the links for a larger version of each email)

Email 1: Business membership

Subject Line: Gain exclusive access to medical practice leaders

BD membership

Email 2: List buys and email blasts

Subject Line: Reach the Right Decision maker every time

BD List Buy

Email 3: Webinar sponsorship

Subject Line: Position yourself as an industry expert

BD Webinar

Email 4: We advertising

Subject Line: Drive traffic with Web ads today!

BD Digital Ads

Email 5: Print Ads

Subject Line: Increase your exposure, advertise in MGMA Connection

BD print

Email 6: Trade show exhibiting

Subject Line: Make face-to-face connections with buyers

BD Conferences

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